Intel Says Chinese Embedded Devices Market Key for Atom

Chinese developers can gain the most from the embedded market that is one of Intel's fastest growing businesses, an Intel executive said at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing Wednesday.

Intel's Atom family of microprocessors can power embedded products available in China such as car entertainment systems and display units, Pat Gelsinger, manager of Intel's digital enterprise group, said in a keynote at the event.

"We see China as the fastest growing design community in the world," he said.

Chinese firms have developed Atom-based embedded products including car navigation devices, video game systems, store checkout registers and control devices for factory machines.

An Atom-based IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance camera being developed by a Chinese firm was on display at the forum. A screen showed the camera ticking the number of people who entered and left the room in a display of its video analytic capabilities.

The IP camera is slated for release in China this fall, an Intel demonstrator said.

China's huge surveillance market has drawn growing business from city governments and private firms looking to install massive networks of linked cameras for security.

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