Open Vista's Task Manager Directly

Remember the good old XP days, when tapping Ctrl-Alt-Del immediately brought up the Windows Task Manager? The same action in Vista produces decidedly different results: a full-screen, five-option menu with Task Manager at the bottom.

Sure, it's only an extra mouse click away, but I miss having direct access to Task Manager. It's like having to make a long-distance call to a friend who lives right next door.

Fortunately, there's a hotkey shortcut that takes you straight to TM. Ready? Got a pen handy? Okay, here it is:


I know, tricky, right? Now I just need to commit that to memory, somehow overwriting a couple decade's worth of Ctrl-Alt-Del. Let's see, what's a good mnemonic...

I have to control the shift that Windows made to Escaping crashed programs. Yeah, that might work. Got something better, Johnny Mnemonic? Leave a comment.

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