Japanese Robotic Exoskeleton Looks Cool, Dorky

The Japanese have a knack for developing movie and television inspired tech products that straddle the fine line of usefulness and nerdy fantasy. From a robotic maid that look like a Gundam, to an extremely true to form R2D2 video projector, Japanese electronics companies spare no expense in developing drool-worthy, if not somewhat absurd robotics projects.

This time in the spotlight, it's HAL, or Hybrid Assistive Limb- a cybernetic suit that "augments body movement and increases user strength by up to tenfold." The company responsible is named Cyberdyne, which is of course a not-so-subtle nod to the Terminator franchise. But this suit isn't just for Schwarzenegger fans- I believe Cyberdyne is hoping to hit the demographic of extravagant Iron Man, RoboCop, and Six Million Dollar Man fanatics as well. I have my doubts whether it actually works (looks like it attaches to your limbs with Velcro straps) but I must admit I've always been curious to know what it feels like to be "better, stronger, faster." Though whether or not that curiosity warrants the $4,200 price tag remains to be seen.

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