PC World's Top 8 Holiday How-Tos

'How to Build a PC,' the Interactive Geek Tech Video

PC World's Top 8 Holiday How-Tos

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Building a PC isn't always something that you can learn from an instruction manual, or even a comprehensive article. Sometimes, you just need to see what's going on with your own two eyes.

But not everyone is of the same experience level when it comes to creating a living, breathing PC from scratch. Maybe you know how to get your CPU into the motherboard socket, but the concepts of wiring elude your grasp. Or worse, you can't tell a processor from a stick of RAM. But that's not a value judgment--every geek has to start somewhere!

That's why we haven't just created a YouTube video to show you how to construct a PC. No, we've gone one step further and split this video up into segments that each relate to an individual portion of the PC build. We've tied these all together in a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format so you can guide yourself thorough the experience based on your individual background with PC building. Go for the Full Monty or piecemeal your way through your PC build at whatever pace you'd like to go!

To get the full, annotated effect, be sure to click on the video (or this handy link) and watch it though YouTube's page!

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