Metered Broadband, Twitter Worm, Pirate Bay and More on PC World Podcast Episode 25

This week, Tim Moynihan and Robert Strohmeyer co-host the 25th edition of the PC World Podcast. Editors Denny Arar and Darren Gladstone contribute to the discussion about Time Warner's metered broardband plan, the Twitter Worm, Ashton Kutcher's Twitter war with CNN, the Gadget of the Week, as well as the verdict of the Pirate Bay trial.

Time Warner's metered broadband plan is pricy, but there are different tiers to the plan which gives it a little more appeal. Listen in and find out whether or not the group thinks the plan will work.

The war is over: Aston Kutcher and CNN each managed to pick up 1 million followers on Twitter. Find out who reached the milestone first, and what they did about it. In other Twitter news, a 17-year-old boy created the recent Twitter Worm, but it didn't cause any significant harm. Find out what the worm really did, and why the boy released it.

Listen in to hear details about the Pirate Bay verdict. The men involved with the BitTorrent site were found guilty and were charged a pretty penny in fines--but if can guess the source of Darren Gladstone's obscure quote, he'll enter you in a random drawing to win some cool gaming schwag.

Darren Gladstone talks about the Gadget of the Week: HP's Pavilion DV2. It features power most ultraportable laptops have been lacking, and albeit still not perfect, it gets the job done. Find out what else Darren has to say about the Pavilion DV2.

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