Facebook Opens Up

If you've ever wanted to update your Facebook status, or read other members' statuses, from somewhere other than Facebook, the next few weeks should be fun. Facebook has opened up its API -- the software functions through which other sites and desktop or phone applications can access Facebook data -- to allow reading and writing of status updates.

The AllFacebook blog has a software-engineer-centric writeup on the new access. What does it mean for you, the non-programming Facebook fan? For Twitterers, it means being able to selectively copy tweets from Twitter to their Facebook status by adding "#fb" to the tweet. All they need to is install the Selective Twitter Status application.

For others, it means there will be many more applications that interact with Facebook status updates. What applications would you like to be able to search all Facebook profiles (except those set to private by their owners) for status updates? What software, such as a calendar that knows what meetings you have today, would you like to be able to update your Facebook status for you? Those are just a few ideas; others will no doubt start popping up in the coming months.

This story, "Facebook Opens Up" was originally published by thestandard.com.

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