Brighten Eyes and Teeth in Photos With Pearly Whites

Professional photographers have various tricks to make teeth look whiter and to brighten the eyes, which gives their portraits more sparkle and liveliness. In digital photography, that often means applying the time-consuming skill of carefully masking the key areas of teeth and eyes and applying just the right amount of brightness, without allowing it to appear false and manipulated. The Image Trends PearlyWhites plug-in ($50, free demo) does it automatically for you.

Designed primarily for digitally whitening teeth, because PearlyWhites looks for areas of white surrounded by flesh tones, it often has the added advantage of brightening the whites of eyes, too. We tested in on both fair and dark skin subjects, and it did the job on both teeth and eyes. The only user control is a slider, for adjusting the amount of whitening. While the preview window is a good size, it is zoomable only to 100%, making it difficult to look closely at details.

PearlyWhites works so easily that it's difficult to remember why we used to spend so much effort and time on the process of brightening our subject's teeth and eyes. If you do a lot of portrait photography, we suggest downloading the trial version to test PearlyWhites out. Understand that you won't be able to use any of your pictures until you buy the license, because although the demo version has no time limit, it does place an Image Trends PearlyWhites watermark on your pictures.

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