The Geek Chic Checklist -- 22 Sure Signs You're a Geek

Love of gadgets, a fat wallet and extensive online social networks are just three signs that you're probably a geek. (And we mean that in the best way.)

Geek Wallets

1. You have a way higher salary than most people your age.

2. Because of this, you have the means to devote to your passions—especially your love of gadgets and tech toys.

3. You have one BlackBerry for work, one for play—which is running an unofficial beta OS, of course—and an iPhone and Treo 750 just to keep you company.

Video Game Cognoscenti

4. You kick butt at World of Warcraft.

5. You think Wii is for losers.

Brainy Cool

6. Your wardrobe consists entirely of T-shirts that sport messages like "There's no place like" and "s/windows/linux/g"; logos like digg; and symbols like pi. (Bonus points for shirts from defunct computer companies. Can you say Poqet?)

7. You think that you are a character in User-Friendly.

8. You ask someone out on a date because you think you would interface well.

Geek Cuisine

9. You're a serious foodie.


10. You consider the four food groups to be: pizza, frozen dinners, Twinkies and Mountain Dew.

A Full Life in Cyberspace

11. You have created stronger friendships through online communities than you have with people you've met in person.

12. Your primary method of communicating with your significant other is through texting, IM, Facebook or Twitter—even when you're in the same room.

13. You spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about your avatars and handles.

Tech-Savvy Skills

14. You have contributed to at least one open-source project. (Bonus points if you were still in high school.

15. You have three or more mice and two or more keyboards connected to the same computer. At home.

16. You own a binary clock and can set it to the correct time.

17. All your relatives expect you to debug their home computers.

The Importance of Being in Character

18. You said your wedding vows in Klingon or Elvish.

19. For Halloween, you've dressed as an iPod, an Xbox, Gordon Freeman, or Princess Leia in her slave bikini.

20. You were a Comic-Con regular before it became trendy and invaded by Hollywood types.

Rich Inner Life

21. Your most cherished life lessons came from playing Dungeons and Dragons.

22. You've had flame wars with friends about:

* Programming languages

* Linux distributions

* If we're really living in the Matrix

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