AVG Identity Protection Adds An Extra Layer of Security

When it comes to protecting yourself against malware, you can't take too many precautions. AVG Identity Protection ($20; 30-day free trial) gives you another security tool to protect against malware threats specifically designed to steal private information such as passwords, bank account information, and credit card numbers.

Unlike many other anti-malware programs that look at malware signatures to see whether you're infected, this program instead analyzes the actions of applications to see whether any exhibits suspicious behavior. If they do, AVG Identity Protection shuts down the program.

You can customize AVG Identity Protection in a variety of ways by telling that certain applications are safe, for example. The program runs alongside your existing anti-malware software and supplements it, rather than replaces it.

There's only one problem with this program: its price. At $20, it's not cheap, especially considering that many anti-malware programs are free. So you'll have to decide whether the extra peace of mind is worth the extra cost.

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