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In a Big Picture episode of the Macworld Podcast, we look at three broad issues--a flush Apple and rumors of it flushing some of its cash to purchase Twitter or Electronic Arts, a flush and profitable Apple in a down economy and what its financial numbers mean for the company now and into the future, and what you might do with an old Mac that you'd like to flush from your life.

Macworld associate editor Dan Moren tackles the first subject in a reading of his excellent MacUser blog post, Will Apple acquire a big name? Signs point to no. It's worth a read as well as a listen. executive editor Philip Michaels then leads a discussion with editorial director Jason Snell and senior news editor Jonathan Seff about the implications of Apple's financial success in a bleak economy.

And, after a word from Macworld Superguides, I speak with frequent contributor Lisa Schmeiser about practical and conscionable methods for disposing of an old Mac.

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Show Notes

If you'd like to relive all that was the Q2 2009 earnings call, which Jason refers to occasionally, check out Jason and Dan Moren's Live Update: Apple Q2 2009 Earnings Call. Or you can the summary of how sales of iPhones and iPods drove Apple's second-quarter profits.

Speaking of recycling, Jeff Bertolucci suggests that Apple's environment-friendly moves are more reactive than proactive in his How green is Apple: Good citizenship or good business? Scott McNulty dips his oar into the environment soup as well with Don't buy a Mac, save the planet? And podcast guest Lisa Schmeiser fills you in on how to recycle your Mac.

One correction from my interview with Lisa--she misspoke when she said you're allowed four iTunes authorizations. You are, in fact, allowed five.


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