AT&T May Drop Service Rates By 14 Percent: iPhone Buzz

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AT&T May Drop Service Rates By 14 Percent: iPhone Buzz
What appears to be a simple analyst prediction has spiraled into the newest Apple iPhone rumor du jour. This latest scuttlebutt suggests AT&T may soon drop its service plans down to $59 for iPhone subscribers -- a cut of $10 off the current entry-level price.

AT&T's iPhone Service Plans

This round of AT&T-iPhone talk comes courtesy of Michael Cote, an analyst quoted in a report at Thursday morning. Cote says there's a "strong possibility" AT&T will lower its rates to accompany Apple's (also unconfirmed) new iPhone that (other rumors suggest) could be released this June. It might be a move designed to keep AT&T competitive as Apple (according to other completely unsubstantiated rumors) looks at possibly bringing the iPhone to Verizon.

Translation: A lot of people are speculating about stuff they don't really know. And this wouldn't be the first time. The AT&T-iPhone chatter comes on the footsteps of several other recent rumors, such as:

• Apple's prepping an iPhone Lite and an iPhone Media Pad exclusively for Verizon.

• Microsoft's developing a new iPhone competitor for Verizon codenamed "Pink."

• Apple's in talks to extend its iPhone exclusivity contract with AT&T.

• Apple's in "high-level" talks to bring the iPhone to Verizon. (Yeah, I know -- I already said that. But the rumor's come up enough times that I thought it warranted a second mention. Plus, this one involved the phrase "high-level.")

Rev Up For More Rumors

Could some of this stuff be true? Sure. So could the slew of other slightly less dramatic next-gen iPhone predictions. But at this point, it all amounts only to a combination of guesswork and vaguely cited "insider" suggestions, so take it as you will.

The one guarantee among all of this is that Apple won't say a word until it's good and ready -- and, odds are, that time won't come much sooner than June 8, when the company's hotly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off in San Francisco.

Here's one last prediction for you: We are going to be hearing a whole lot more of these rumors between now and then. I've got pretty good reason to believe that one, too. Just don't tell anyone you heard it from me.

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