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Are you sick of the constant Mac-versus-PC bickering? If so, I hate to be the bearer of bad news: Apple has unleashed its latest batch of "Get a Mac" TV ads, one of which takes direct aim at Microsoft's "Laptop Hunters" series of ads.

With "Elimination," Apple responds directly to the Laptop Hunters campaign for the first time. John Hodgman's PC character brings along a few of his friends to find the best computer for a shopper named Megan. Megan wants a computer without viruses or crashes or headaches, and ultimately chooses a Mac.

While Microsoft's main message seems to be that price is the deciding factor in computing purchases (along with the wide variety of Windows PCs), Apple continues to push the message that the Mac provides a trouble-free computing experience (though if you spend enough time around Mac users, you'll discover that yes, Macs can have issues too).

Following it up is "Customer Care," where PC must deal with a frustrating series of tech support calls. The final of the three ads, "PC Choice Chat," features PC hosting a radio call-in show where he gives advice on computer purchases.

Microsoft's Laptop Hunters campaign may be Microsoft's strongest ad campaign in some time, and has drawn praise and criticism from all corners of the tech universe, as well as debates over which company's has the better ad campaign. It may go without saying, but when you get people talking about your ads, you're probably doing something right.

Apple posted the new ads on its site for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, depending on your point of view). If you're looking for some grown-up reasons to buy either a Mac or a PC, read Harry McCracken's Eight Reasons Your Next Computer Should Be A Mac and Eight Reasons Your Next Computer Should Be A PC. If you're sick of the whole computing platform war, I'm terribly sorry. And to everyone else, debate away!

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