Laptop Hunters Ad Wars: Apple Strikes Back

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Apple released today three new Get A Mac ads in reply to Microsoft's Laptop Hunters campaign. The ads take a stab at the prolific Lauren from the first Laptop Hunters ad and ridicule customer care (or the lack of) for PC users.

One of the ads, titled Elimination, suggests that there are no PCs immune to viruses and crashes -- that is, according to Apple. Megan, Apple's version of Lauren, gives her list of specifications for the computer she wants (ding dong!) until all that's left is a Mac. And no, Megan does not mention a price limit. Here's the ad:

The second ad, called Customer Care, finds the PC character trying to get customer service while the Mac character flaunts one of the Mac Geniuses next to him. The third ad in the series is called PC Choice Chat, where PC is running a radio chat show and gets flooded with "prank calls" from wannabe Mac switchers. Here are the other two ads:

What we're now seeing is an ad war between Microsoft and Apple, targeting each other directly in their campaigns. Interestingly enough, Microsoft was criticized for not mentioning Windows as an operating system in its campaign, but this time around Apple doesn't mention it either (unless you count the Mac computer and Mac OSX as one item).

Meanwhile, Microsoft attacked Apple again today -- the iTunes Music Store, more precisely. The new Zune advert find Apprentice star Wes Moss pointing out that filling the latest iPod with music can cost you up to $30,000, and that you should get a monthly Zune Pass. The truth in this claim is discussed largely in this post. But here's the ad for you:

To say that Microsoft or Apple has a better campaign out there would be like getting into the Mac VS PC debate. So I'm going to ask you: Which of the two campaigns is more effective? Apple's or Microsoft's? Please sound off in the comments.

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