Meet Gyy, The First Solar Powered Netbook

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Meet Gyy, The First Solar Powered Netbook

A solar powered notebook PC has been an awesome no-brainer of a great idea for years. But until now, laptops have been too power-hungry and solar technology has not been efficient enough to make this green dream a reality. The time is now upon us that we can bask in the sun of new day of endless and cordless laptop use. Meet Gyy, the first solar powered netbook.

Spanish company iUnika is set to launch next month an uber-cheap (and uber wimpy) netbook that runs on solar power. Coming in at about $200, Gyy weighs only 700 grams, runs on Linux (hence the small price) and is made of biodegradable materials.

Make no mistake, the Gyy won't be a gaming netbook, as it runs on a 400Mhz MIPS processor and has only 128MB of RAM. On the good side though, you get a 64GB solid-state storage space, three USB ports, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

Gyy's display is not on the brilliant side, either, with only an 800-by-480 resolution on the 8-inch screen. But these rather antiquated specs have their advantage, as you would never run out of power (virtually that is) on the Gyy, thanks to the solar panel mounted on the lid of the netbook.

The solar panel charges the Gyy's internal battery and you can check the state of the battery via the small LCD display on the lower left corner of the netbook. Initially, the Gyy will be available only in Europe in June.

Here's the manufacturer's Website, if you're good with Spanish.

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