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In 1979, the game Trivial Pursuit was created by two guys missing their Scrabble pieces. Since then, millions of copies of the game and many versions have seen store shelves. So, it's no surprise that a version for the iPhone is now available. And fortunately for us, we don't have just a remake to play with either.

Classic mode is, well, classic. You collect wedges by answering questions correctly from one of the six Trivial Pursuit categories within a limited amount of time. To move, you flick the dice or shake the iPhone to roll it, then touch the dice to stop the spin. To win, you head to the Center tile and answer the randomly chosen question. The questions presented vary in difficulty level, and clearly can be updated with a dose of DLC -- downloadable content, that is.

In Pursuit mode, you begin at the Starting line and race to the Finish line, answering questions along the way. Answer quickly and watch your piece move far; answer wrong or too slow, and you'll inch forward at a snail's pace.

If you are up for some multiplayer fun, try Pass 'n Play or Wi-Fi multiplayer. Pass 'n Play just merges the Classic and Pursuit modes together and allows you to choose two or more players. As the name suggests, play progresses from one player to the next via passing the iPhone on. In Wi-Fi multiplayer, you can create or join games that exist on a local Wi-Fi network.

You have the option of managing your player profile, including your name, your avatar, and the coloring associated with your avatar. This becomes beneficial especially during multiplayer modes.

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