Microsoft My Phone, The Online Generation Gap, and Social Media Marketing on PC World Podcast Episode 30

This week, PC World editors Robert Strohmeyer, Tim Moynihan, Anne McDonald, and Ginny Mies clear the air about the generation divide, take an early look at Microsoft My Phone, and talk tough about social media charlatans.

In our first segment, Robert Strohmeyer and Anne McDonald explore how different generations get along and share the virtual world. Is it the Baby Boomers, the Gen X-ers, or the 20-somethings that are taking the fun out of social networks? Or could it be that we're all more alike than we realize?

Next up, Ginny Mies tells us what to expect from Microsoft's new My Phone mobile synching service. This Windows Mobile data sync tool is out to give Google Sync and Apple's Mobile Me a little competition.

In our final segment, Robert and Tim rant about all the poseurs passing themselves off as social media gurus, and discuss how businesses can get real results from Twitter and other social networks.

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