Final Fantasy XIII Bumped to 2010

Nothing like getting the "official" story from the horse's sister's cousin's uncle's do-ragged super-sized mug. In this case, the story in question isn't a total shocker: Final Fantasy XII, North American version, coming in 2010, per this pre-E3 L.A. billboard advertisement.

But it is kind of weird to get the news this way, no formal press statement, no real interaction on Square Enix's part with the press, just a teaser post on the company's blog. It's kinda like, "Come on, you knew this, yeah? You're psychic, right?" Just like we'll all know when the game's been delayed until 2011.

What we do seem to know, nothing paranormal involved, is that the game is coming in Japan later this year, and that it's long been suspected the North American version would take the backseat. Looks like that currently MIA January Reuters/Guardian story that had Square Enix pegging the game for sometime post-April 2010 was probably legit.

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