Play Wii Games From a Hard Drive? Here's How

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Warning, I haven't personally transmogrified my Wii into a spindle-free digital data bucket (without holes, Dear Liza, Dear Liza) but it's one heck of a bold little hack if it works. Per this Gawker Media tipster, who got it from a guy who either owns or actually is Che Guevera reincarnated as a bulldog, if you're feeling equally intrepid, here's the do-it-yourself scoop.

Says the following hack-guru, whose April how-to is finally splashing the info aggregators:

One of the cooler hacks that I've found for the Wii is how to store and load your games from a USB Hard Drive. The idea is that you plug a hard drive into one of the USB slots on the back of the Wii, and rip/store your games. When you want to play them, you have only to access the hard drive and select what you'd like to play

What'll you need?

Bit of tape, tube of super-glue, power drill, thumb tacks, magic 8-ball...err, wrong hack.

Actually, just the Homebrew Channel installed, a USB hard drive, some custom software, and probably a comfortable conscience fiddling down the Wii Menu version to make everything sing along in tune.

Getting it to work? Moderate to advanced-moderate Mad Skillz, probably. Watching your really super-geeky-if-they're-clued-in-enough-to-appreciate-what-you've-done friend's eyes grow to saucers when, in contravention of all that's sane and rational, you manage to boot DDI's Ninjabread Man disc-free? Priceless.

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