See if You're Getting Your Money's Worth From Netflix

Ever wonder if you're getting your money's worth out of Netflix? Free Web service FeedFlix aims to answer that question: It pulls rental-history data from your Netflix account to show you the relative cost of each movie you'e renting. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

FeedFlix provides an informative history of your life as a Netflix subscriber: How long you've been a member, the average amount of time you keep your DVDs, the plan you're currently on, and even the cost-per-movie percentile you fall in compared with other FeedFlix users.

Meanwhile, the site shows you what movies you have at home right now, what movies you've streamed using Instant Watch, and what's in both your queues (Instant and DVD). Cooler still, FeedFlix will highlight movies from your DVD queue that are now available for instant viewing, and show you when they'll expire. That should help you skip the shipping for some titles, thereby lowering your overall cost per movie.

Ultimately, though, FeedFlix answers the all-important question: Is Netflix worth the money? If you find that your relative cost per movie is in the $3-4 range, you might just be better off with your local video store. But if you're batting a buck or less, Netflix is definitely a winner.

This terrific little service is free, easy, and absolutely positively worth a look.

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