The DSi Gets a Zoom Lens

The Nintendo DSi comes with a low-rent digital camera built into the lid that delivers decent little images. You don't expect to do much with a 0.3-megapixel lens, though, and you aren't exactly going to consider it your go-to, everyday camera.

Nyko DSi Zoom Case
Nyko's solution: Take the whole "portability" part out of a handheld game device and force it to be something it's not. Yay! The Zoom Case is basically a plastic cover that slips over your DSi, with a big, grooved hole where the external camera is mounted. Screw in the accompanying 8X-optical-zoom lens, and you're ready for business--the business of taking jittery, 640-by-460-pixel images. With this huge, honking proboscis now jutting from the back of the thing, it's shaky, so if you were ever hoping to snap a shot of a buddy with any subtlety, this is not your ideal choice.

But I'm sure the folks in the gaming paparazzi demographic--all two of them--are going crazy for this contraption. And maybe they'll buy it later this year for somewhere between $20 and $40 (final price not set yet).

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