WWDC Predictions: PC World Editors Take Their Best Guesses

Apple's 2009 Worldwide Developer's Conference kicks off Monday morning at 9 AM Pacific with a keynote address lead by Apple's Phil Schiller. We'll be covering it live on Monday morning, both here on PCWorld.com and via our Twitter feed (@pcworld). While we editiors don't know what Apple has up its collective sleeve, that didn't stop us from making our own predictions. Submitted for your approval (or at the very least, your reading enjoyment) are nine things we expect to see announced at WWDC.

  • Steve Jobs will return as a cyborg and announce that the iPhone 3.0 operating system is going to include code imported from his own consciousness. By holding the phone up to your ear, he will be able to read your thoughts and influence your behavior. Reality Distortion Field 2.0?
  • Due to a revised iPhone app development NDA, no two iPhone app developers are allowed within 100 yards of one another.
  • Apple will make an addition to the list of reasons for rejecting an iPhone app from the App Store: "Because we feel like it."
  • The iPhone to be announced next week is named the Pre-emptor. Take that, Palm!
  • iPhone 3.0 will have an exciting new Genius update. An annoying Mac know-it-all follows you around all day telling you what you're doing wrong with your apps. There's already a restraining order in 4 states.
  • Surprise keynote guest star: Susan Boyle.
  • Steve Jobs to return, pantsless, due to manaical button-removal.
  • One word: iClippy.
  • The MacBook Wheel that The Onion "reported" earlier this year is real. Apple took the hint and will make it into an actual product.

What do you expect to see announced at Monday's keynote? What would you like to see? Leave a comment below.

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