Facebook 'Pick Five' Lists: The Hottest and the Wildest

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Pick Five: Favorite Sports Teams

(completed by 3.2 million people on Facebook)

We love to talk about the greatness of our favorite sports teams. And we love to talk trash about other people's athletic heroes.

1. Manchester United Red Devils (picked 510,109 times)

2. FC Barcelona (341,757 times)

3. New York Yankees (314,109 times)

4. Liverpool Reds (301,331 times)

5. AC Milan (258,629 times)

Four of the five sports teams on this list are European football clubs (for you Yanks, the reference is to soccer, not to the now-defunct NFL Europe)--strong evidence that Facebook, which began in the United States, has rapidly gained popularity in Europe. According to Facebook, about 70 percent of its users log on from outside the United States. The results of this Pick Five don't mean that the Manchester United Red Devils are more popular worldwide than the New York Yankees, but they may mean that Manchester United fans (and FC Barcelona fans) are more likely to write about their teams on Facebook or are more likely to have a membership on Facebook to begin with.

Since we are a U.S.-centric publication, we present here the most-picked American sports teams:

1. New York Yankees (picked 314,109 times)

2. Los Angeles Lakers (252,370 times)

3. Boston Red Sox (221,489 times)

4. Dallas Cowboys (203,666 times)

5. Boston Celtics (202,521 times)

Pick Five: Cars I Want in My Garage

(completed by 2.6 million people on Facebook)

1. 2009 Aston Martin DB9 (picked 83,572 times)

2. Ferrari F430 Spider 2007 (75,273 times)

3. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 2008 (71,224 times)

4. 2009 Audi R8 (67,368 times)

5. Dodge Challenger 2009 (60,308 times)

You can tell by the total number of lists created (2.5 million) compared to the number of votes garnered by the five most popular picks that people's car preferences are all over the map. The most-picked car, the 2009 Aston Martin DB9, was picked only 83,572 times, or in only 3 percent of the total lists created. Only one U.S.-made care made the top five: the Dodge Challenger 2009, which most auto analysts refer to as a "muscle car."

Pick Five: Favorite Beers

(completed by 2.5 million people on Facebook)

1. Corona by Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V. (picked 645,445 times)

2. Heineken by Heineken N.V. (594,475 times)

3. Guinness Draught by Guinness Ltd. (396,276 times)

4. Stella Artois by Stella Artois (350,825 times)

5. Budweiser by Anheuser-Busch (343,493 times)

The Favorite Beers top five again reflects the international flavor of the Facebook community, though the fact that Corona was the top choice surprised me a bit. I much prefer a beer with some body to it, like the one in the number three slot--Guinness. Heineken and Stella are good beers too, in my opinion, while Budweiser is, well, Budweiser.

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