Facebook 'Pick Five' Lists: The Hottest and the Wildest

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Demographics and Strong Feelings

We--and many others--have sought to figure out what sorts of people use Facebook. But the likes and dislikes of Facebook users tell a more revealing story than the demographics alone do. All in all, the tastes of the people who filled out the popular LivingSocial Pick Fives seem to skew toward twenty-something and female.

The LivingSocial Pick Fives first appeared on Facebook in March, and almost immediately they became an online phenomenon--something everybody was filling out. The lists have an infectious quality: If you see that a friend has picked and posted her five favorite albums, it's natural to want to weigh in on the subject yourself. For a while, various Pick Five lists dominated my newsfeed. The flood of Pick Fives has waned somewhat over the past month, but lists continue to show up, and I never fail to read them.

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