Six Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Learn Right Now

Now that you've had a chance to install the Windows 7 Release Candidate and spend a few weeks exploring the OS, it's time to get serious and learn some keyboard shortcuts. Windows 7 adds some new ones to the mix, all of them based on the Windows key. Here are my five favorites:

Win + Home: Minimize all windows except the one that's currently active. Hit it again to restore the windows.

Win + Space: Makes all windows transparent so you can see through to the desktop.

Win + Up Arrow: Maximizes the active window.

Win + Left/Right Arrow: Docks the active window to the left or ride side of the screen.

Win + (+/-): Enables the magnifier and zooms in/out.

Win + P: Opens Windows' presentation settings so you can quickly adjust display settings to include a second monitor or a projector.

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