Keyboard Shortcuts for Shutting Down, Rebooting, and Going to Sleep

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Now using Vista, Aung Kyaw Moe misses XP's keyboard shortcuts for shutting down, rebooting, and hibernating a computer.

Before I answer the question, let me satisfy any XP users who are wondering "What keyboard shortcuts for shutting down, rebooting, and hibernating my computer?

Actually, before I do that, I'd better explain the Windows Key (referred to later in this tip as WIN). Look at the bottom row of your keyboard. See that key with the Windows logo between CTRL and ALT? That's the WIN key.

So, here are the XP shortcuts:

Shutdown: WIN, U, U

Reboot: WIN, U, R

Stand by: WIN, U, S

Hibernate: WIN, U, H

Okay, I'm done with the digressions. Now on to the original question: What are Vista's equivalents?

As with XP, this is really about manipulating the Start menu with the keyboard. You press the Windows key to bring up the menu. But thanks to Vista's search box, pressing an alphanumeric key won't help here. You need to use arrow keys--at least at first.

Going into Sleep mode is pretty easy: Press WIN, the RIGHT ARROW, then ENTER.

All the other options require you to press WIN, then press the RIGHT ARROW three times. What you press next depends on what you want to do:

Shutdown: ENTER, or U

Reboot: R

Hibernate: H

By the way, once you've pressed WIN, you can use the arrow keys to navigate all over the Start menu. Give it a try.

Here's another option you might like: commands. Press WIN, then type:

Shutdown: shutdown -s t 0 (note the blank spaces before -, t, and 0)

Reboot: shutdown -r t 0

Hibernate: shutdown -h

Then press ENTER.

For more on shortcut keys, see Using Just the Keyboard, How Do I Fill In a Dialog Box?, Use Your Keyboard for Faster Windows Control, and Microsoft's Keyboard shortcut page.

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