Instantly Create New Folders in Windows 7

Regular Hassle-Free PC readers know of my penchant for keyboard shortcuts, and I'm especially enjoying the new ones in Windows 7. Here's one more straight from the What-Took-Them-So-Long Department: A keyboard shortcut for creating new folders.

I know, I'm excited too. You can use this on the desktop or in an Explorer window: Just give a tap and presto, you've got a new folder ready for renaming.

Oh, the shortcut? Yeah, I should probably reveal that before I forget. Heh, it'd be just like me to write up a post about a keyboard shortcut and then publish it without the actual shortcut.

Funny story about that. Well, not so much a story as a related anecdote. See, a couple years back I was stationed in Monaco (that's where bloggers are sent to learn their trade), when I met a guy whose name was actually Cay Burd. Well, needless to say, we all had a good laugh about that--

What? Oh, geez, sorry. The shortcut, right. Wow, my editor's gonna kill me! What kind of blogger just blathers on like that without ever getting to what is certainly the most crucial portion of a blog post? A dead one, that's what kind.

Right, right, sorry, wow, did it again. Okay, here it is:


In the biz we call that "burying the lede." Terrible.

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