Freebie Photology Easily Locates That Certain Photo

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The word "Photology" means "the study of pictures" and that's exactly what this freeware app does: It performs analysis on the characteristics of each photo in your archive, indexes that information in a database, then permits you to search your photos based on those characteristics: Was the photo taken indoors or outdoors? Are there plants, sky, water, or faces in the pictures? Are the pictures in focus or out of focus? Does it contain a certain color, or was the picture you are looking for taken at a certain time of day?

It may not always get it right--sometimes the program interprets certain colors, or brightness levels in a picture, as "afternoon" or "outside"--but for the most part, it hits the mark. You don't need to get knee-deep in the technobabble to appreciate how Photology can make finding that one needle-in-a-haystack photo much easier. Now that digital shutterbugs like myself are filling our hard drives with thousands of images, we need some way to pick through the photographic chaff to find that grain of wheat.

Photology has some hefty requirements: It consumes a lot of CPU power and memory to keep track of everything and make it instantly accessible. And the first time you turn it loose on your photos, it takes the program a while to pull together the information it needs. But you'll be pleasantly surprised when you find, within seconds, that picture you've been hunting for.

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