Outremer Telecom's Mauritius Plans on Hold

Outremer Telecom's plans to expand into Mauritius by the end of the year have been dashed after the country's Information & Communication Technology Authority (ICTA) refused to grant the company a mobile license.

Outremer Telecom is appealing to the ICT Appeal Tribunal. "We don't agree with this decision. We didn't expect the ICTA would reject our demand," said Michel Rigot, Outremer Telecom's CEO for Mauritius. The company planned to invest in a 3G network and was ready to recruit about 200 workers to support the new service.

But last month, the ICTA informed the company it would not grant a fourth mobile telephony license in Mauritius, citing the global economic recession and the need to protect investments of existing operators. The decision was made after official complaints from operators Orange and Emtel.

The reason given for the license being refused is not supported by the law, Outremer Telecom's attorneys are arguing in the appeal. The tribunal is expected to make a decision regarding the appeal by the end of the year.

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