Chrome Gets the Press, But Windows 7 Passes the Test

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Chrome may get all the publicity these days, but Microsoft is getting something much better: Plenty of cash. The half-price sale Microsoft launched back in June to kickstart pre-sales of Windows 7 has clearly paid off --- the sale just ended and yet as I write this the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade and Windows 7 Professional Upgrade are still listed at the top two software sellers on

These numbers are real; the best-seller lists are updated hourly, so don't reflect the old sale prices. Large numbers of people are willing to pay $119.99 for the Windows Home Premium Upgrade, and $199.99 for the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade, even though Windows 7 is still months away from launch. Until the sale ended, Windows 7 Home Premium sold for $49.99, and Windows 7 Professional Upgrade sold for $99.99

This shows that there's a tremendous pent-up demand for Windows 7. Microsoft hasn't even started a Windows 7 marketing campaign, and Windows 7 isn't yet launched, and yet it tops the best-seller list.

There's even better news ahead for Microsoft, because the company is expected to announce a Family Pack of three copies of Windows 7 Home Premium for $149.99 list price, a whopping savings of more than $210 over single-copy sales of Windows 7. Expect those to fly off the shelves as well.

All this proves that for the present, at least, Windows 7 is a much better financial bet than Chrome. Google is reported to be giving Chrome away for free, in the hopes that it will increase people's use of Google. With Windows 7, on the other hand, Microsoft is getting something much more substantial --- cold, hard cash. I'll take that any day over vague future promises. Clearly, Microsoft will as well.

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