Are Microsoft's Laptop Hunter Ads Outdated?

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Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO, is claiming Apple lawyers called him requesting Microsoft stop running the "laptop hunter" ads based upon outdated pricing information. Apple recently updated their laptop line and lowered some of their prices, something that was much needed as Apple's prices were a step above the price improvements we've been seeing.

So, with Apple's price drops, are the Microsoft ads inaccurate or is their premise still true, that there's an Apple tax making Apple's computers more expensive than those from Windows OEMs? I suspect there is still an Apple tax but I've not seen any updated comparisons showing if there's a gap, and how much it might be.

Here's a video taking apart the Laptop Hunters from a Mac advocate's perspective. He does have a good point that if you want to be a film maker, you're going to use Final Cut Pro on the Mac.

(Okay, Microsoft advocates: where's your side of the argument?)

Either way, should Microsoft stop running the Laptop Hunter ads, or at least update them to reflect current prices? Apple's certainly enjoyed their fun at poking Vista with a sharp stick in their ads, and it looks like Microsoft's Laptop Hunter ads must have at least some impact or Apple wouldn't bother asking for them to be removed.

I doubt Microsoft will drop the ads altogether, but I would at least like to see new ads reflecting current pricing from both camps. In the end, I suspect the ads aren't making a major difference as I'm guessing buyers pretty much have decided if they are getting a Mac or a Windows PC before they enter the store.

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