Air Cursor Software Coming for Windows, Linux

A Web cam and Air Cursor software from Taiwan's publicly funded Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is all a user will need to control their computer cursor with simple hand gestures in the air.

ITRI developed the software to work with common computer hardware so people won't have to buy anything new to get set up, said Ming-Wheng Lin, deputy director of ITRI's Human Computer Interaction Technology Center, at an exhibition on Wednesday.

The software is compatible with currently available editions of Microsoft Windows, as well as Linux, he said. ITRI is looking for partners to start distributing the software.

"The software is ready. We want people to start using this," he said.

The software will be demonstrated at the upcoming Taipei Computer Applications Show, which opens July 30.

ITRI is partly funded by the Taiwan government. The organization develops new technologies but does not market or sell them on its own.

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