Verizon May be Getting Ready to Host the Apple Tablet

The rumors just keep coming. We've heard Apple is negotiating with Verizon, perhaps to make AT&T a little nervous about maintaining its iPhone monopoly, or perhaps to actually expand service options. Or, perhaps, Apple is angling to cut a deal with another carrier in regard to a different product.

Here's another clue: TechCruch is reporting Verizon Wireless is to expedite the roll-out of its LTE network (also dubbed 4G), possibly in conjunction with the release of a new Apple device. iTablet anyone?

In February Verizon announced it is aiming to have two test markets this year, and have 25 to 30 markets ready for LTE by the end of 2010. Verizon's new plan (according to TechCrunch's unnamed, but reliable source) is "putting just about everything it has in to moving many of these markets up to Q1 2010."

Rumors of an Apple tablet have been circulating for some time, most have predicted a 2010 release. TechCrunch's source speculates that a tablet makes sense for Verizon. No microphone means no calls. No calls means the device would play nice with AT&T's exclusive iPhone contract, which is set to expire sometime in 2010.

Then again, let's not forget other rumors that Verizon has been in negotiations to get its own iPhone in 2010.

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a Verizon LTE iPhone with speeds of up to 80Mbps coming sometime down the road.

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