Microsoft Wave Site Shows Off the Cool Stuff

Microsoft has a fair amount of pretty cool technology kicking around in the labs and in betas, but the company doesn't really do a great job of promoting that. Enter Microsoft Wave, a new site from Microsoft's UK team that does nothing but showcase some of the cooler tech the company develops. You've heard of most of these before, but the site is a good place to catch it all under one roof. Right now, you'll find details of the following:

...and so on. Yeah, it's a marketing ploy. Frankly, it's already sort of gummed up with a bunch filler like already-released Xbox 360 and Games for Windows titles. Yeah, Age of Empires III is great and all that, but it's sort of old news. But it should also serve to highlight some of the more interesting things Microsoft has out there, like WorldWide Telescope, that more people really should know about.

I have to wonder if Google is going to let them get away with that name, what with their much-ballyhood Google Wave project going public soon. The two are nothing alike, but since when has that stopped a lawsuit?

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