Learn How to Clean Stuff at HowToCleanStuff

Want to know how to get purple marker off sofa cushions? How to remove a sticky handprint from a suede jacket? How to get grape jelly off new white tennis shoes?

Why, yes, I do have children, why do you ask?

The aptly named HowToCleanStuff.net offers instructions on cleaning just about everything, from car-battery terminals to computer keyboards to pet stains.

Although the site is jam-packed with cleaning guides, its rather thin blog hasn't been updated in several months.

What's more, there doesn't seem to be a way to submit new cleaning tips, which is disappointing given that the site promises to donate 25 cents per published tip to the Clean Water Fund.

I'm not saying HowToCleanStuff is dirty, just that it seems to be suffering from neglect. That's too bad, because it's the kind of site worth bookmarking.

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