Top 10 Reader iPhone Annoyances (And How to Fix Them)

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10 More iPhone Annoyances (And How to Fix Them)
Who knew there were so many iPhone annoyances? Last week we listed ten common failings of the iPhone and discussed how to correct them. Maybe it was naïve to restrict the list to ten entries. Reader feedback suggests that iPhone users have no shortage of annoyances they'd like to see solved.

After reviewing the comments posted to the original story, "10 iPhone Annoyances (And How to Fix Them)," we offer you a sequel. Once again, we've compiled workarounds to the iPhone annoyances listed. Oh, and because one snarky (we love snark!) reader suggested that you should "get rid of the suckerphone," we've also included several problems that you can solve only by jumping ship and buying a nonsuckerphone alternative.

10. You Can't Schedule Day-of-Week Meetings (griped by rjnerd)

The iPhone's built-in calendar lets you set up recurring appointments--but with one notable flaw: There's no way to schedule meetings for, say, the first Monday of every month.

The bigger problem: Overwhelmingly, in response to our previous article, iPhone users complained about the calendar. Among the sources of grievance aired were the inability to view the calendar by week, the inability to copy and paste appointments, and the inability to send event invites to other users.

The workaround: Set up a recurring weekly event, and then delete the unwanted extra entries for that month. It's not pretty, but at least you won't have to reenter all of your data for each scheduled event.

9. The Screen Keeps Rotating During Bedtime Reading

Image: Courtesy of Macworld
Most of the time, we love having an accelerometer on the phone. Being able to tilt into landscape mode is great for viewing photos and sending text messages, but it does get in the way when you've curled up for some e-reading.

The bigger problem: The inability to lock iPhone rotation is problematic in general. Users complain that the phone extemporaneously switches to cover flow when it's resting in the car; and sometimes you just don't want the screen to rotate, regardless of your posture.

The workaround: Only jailbreakers can activate 'Rotation Inhibitor' in Sbsettings to lock the screen settings in place. The rest of us must employ a method previously discussed at Macworld. The iPhone screen will automatically rotate 90 degrees clockwise when you're lounging on your couch, causing text to rotate from horizontal to vertical and making reading unduly difficult. A Macworld reader suggests that you rotate your iPhone another 90 degrees counterclockwise. "Since the iPhone doesn't offer 180° rotation, this left the text rotated 90° in alignment with my head."

8. You Can't Create Usage Profiles (griped by deftdrummer)

In this hectic world, who can be bothered to silence the iPhone at work, turn on Wi-Fi at home, and make battery-saving adjustments when the phone is running out of juice? It would be nice--and worth paying for, even--to have a utility that managed all of those things for you.

The bigger problem: The iPhone's lack of usage profiles is another consequence of its inability to multitask (and run apps in the background). For the same reason that the recently released Google Latitude Web app can't constantly update your location, an app like Locale (from Two Forty Four a.m.) simply can't function properly on an iPhone unless you jailbreak the phone.

The workaround: On the iPhone, there is none. Android users can pick up Locale, an award-winning (and PC World-praised) app that knows where you are and adjusts your phone settings accordingly. Symbian users can try AutoProfiles, which adjusts phone settings based on time of day.

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