Four "Leaked" Apple Tablet Videos Now Available for your Judging, Skepticism

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**Update (11:35 a.m.) Macrumors forum poster Gonewiththewind has released another video into the wild. It features him typing a test message with the very Macrumors forum post that started this whole affair in the background. Check it out below!

Also, be sure to read Gizmodo editor Brian Lam's report of a clandestine, roadside phone call from an alleged Apple Insider: According to his shadowy source, two versions of the Apple Tablet are on the way: one with a Webcam, and one for educational use!


Apple. Tablet PC. It's what anyone worth their weight in gossip is talking about on the Internet right now. And because people are inherently evil and mischievous, a new poster on Macrumors has jumped into the fray and released two separate videos showing off the look and interface of a working iTab/PortableJobs/Lil'Apple.

How real are the videos? Had one a nickle for every drop of speculation that's been argued back and forth over these two pieces of media, you could probably beat Jobs to the punch by financing the development of your own an Apple Tablet.

Is the evidence of multiple apps running in separate windows a clue that Apple is abandoning the one-app, one-screen format of its i-themed devices? Is that just a fancy trick of an iPhone emulator running on a standard OSX platform? Why the heck does each window have its own attached virtual keyboard? Remnants of an early dev kit? Evidence of a hoaxer's inability to build a customized, virtual keyboard for the video?

And what the heck is that device that's in the foreground of video number two? It does seem weird that the person in the video can launch apps with a finger-touch to the screen... but can't close them the same way. Why does the blinking red light at the end not correspond with the actual volume increases on the screen? Why do people "leak" videos with this much ambiguity if they aren't real?

What do you think?

Poking the Apple Tablet Screen (Video #1)

Apple Tablet with Funky Dev Kit Box Thing? (Video #2)

Apple Tablet Booting Process (Video #3)

Typing a test message to Macrumors (Video #4)

Geek Tech's David Murphy (@acererak) broke the question mark key writing this post. Thankfully, the virtualized question mark on his Apple Tablet works just fine.

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