Opera 10 Beta 3 Now Available

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Before Firefox, before Internet Explorer, there was Opera. Okay, it's not the oldest graphical web client (Mosiac was before it), but it's the oldest one that's still around. It's also one of the most prolific, with browsers on the Wii and Nintendo DS along with excellent versions for mobile phones. Now up to version 9.64, the Norwegians at Opera Software have been hard at work on Opera 10.

Now you can download and try out Opera 10 beta 3. According to the Opera site, there have been several major improvements in beta 3:

Tab tweaks
Multiple Opera users who tested the previous betas shared their preferences for more visual tab options. Opera has responded in beta 3 by offering options for tab placement. Now users can view their visual thumbnail tabs on the right or left side of the screen, in addition to placement options on the top or bottom. Visual Tabs are resizable and the thumbnail view is optional.

Eyes on the UI
Designer Jon Hicks continues his renovation of the user interface (UI) by implementing several new tweaks designed to make using Opera even more efficient.

With a whopping total of 38 languages, Opera's beta 3 aims to make it easier for users around the world to feel more at home while online.

Crash prevention
Opera's integrated crash logger has made beta 3 a rock-solid ride.

Even more Turbo
Opera Turbo has been further refined for increased speed when browsing over slow network connections.

You can download Opera 10 beta 3 from http://www.opera.com/browser/next/. This browser is often overlooked in favor of Firefox or Chrome, but it really is quite good and worth checking out.

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