Grab Web-Ready Screenshots with ScreenDash

I don't know about you, but I feel like I spend half my day capturing screenshots. Some are for blogs, some are for books, and some are just cool things I want to share with friends.

One of the best tools I've found is ScreenDash, which makes it easy to capture, edit, and share screenshots.

After installing the small client program, all you do is click the Capture button and then draw a box around the area you want to save.

Next, a click of the Share button hosts the image on ScreenDash's site, where you get aURL to share via e-mail, an IMG code for use in Web forums, and an HTML code for embedding.

The ScreenDash app also provides image-editing and paint tools so you can retouch or spruce up your screen grabs. It even has Photoshop-style layers.

The free version of ScreenDash, while completely functional, tags your screenshots with banner ads and a ScreenDash logo. By upgrading to the $30 Premium version, you're free of both. You also get extras like custom FTP hosting and the option to print and e-mail screenshots directly.

Though I found its interface a little confusing at first, I quickly came to find ScreenDash an indispensable tool. For bloggers especially, it saves considerable time in capturing and embedding screenshots.

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