Apple Tablet Dreams: Image Gallery

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"Yet Another Fake Tablet" by Max Vinegar

This tablet, dreamed up and sent mysteriously to TUAW, isn't that special, but I like the idea of Apple choosing charcoal gray as the next "in" color. Connectivity with the iPod is a nice touch, as it implies the tablet is more computer than mobile gadget.

The Apple NetBook by MacFormat

The actual tablet on the Apple NetBook, illustrated by Adam Benton, looks like many others. It's the dock that piques the interest. Not only does it charge the device, but it suggests a time when computers function best in portrait mode.

MacBook Touch by Tommaso Gecchelin

A gallery of tablet concepts wouldn't be complete without a folding dual touch screen concept. Tommaso Gecchelin wins extra points for going all-out on the ad copy. It's good to know that the 13-inch tablet has iSpine technology for maximum flexibility.

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