4 New Quakecon 09 Rage Shots That'll Flip Your Lid

What'll Windows gamers say when they load id Software's first-person shooting and racing game Rage sometime next year?

Who knows, but right now I'm betting "My god, it's full of virtual texturing," kinda like 2001 A Space Odyssey's Dave Bowman, say if he could swing back and have a look at what John Carmack and the rest of the id Software team hath wrought to date. The following four shots from Rage are fresh [via Shacknews] from QuakeCon 2009, taking place as I type this in and around Dallas, Texas.

I don't know what virtual texturing amounts to in engineer-speak (all I've heard is that it involves the manipulation of Brobdingnagian textures) but it sure as heck looks nice. I don't care much about graphics these days, but it's hard to lift your nose and look the other way when stuff like this comes along.

Click the shots below to enlarge.

And in case you missed 'em, here's six more from last week's SIGGRAPH. SIGGRAPH, as anyone geeky enough to memorize ridiculously overwrought acronyms knows, stands for Special Interest Group of Graphics and Interactive Techniques, which is probably better than SIGGIT. Or GRAPHIT. And especially: SIGGRAPHIT.

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