PS3 Slim for $300 in K-Mart, Sears Ads?

PS3 Slim for $300 in K-Mart, Sears Ads?

Here comes Sony Claus, right down Sears and K-Mart lanes with a couple of ads confirming the long rumored PS3 Slim and for just $300. Photoshop tricks? Not this time. The folks at Engadget have links to the ads in questions, and given the legit hostnames, they're almost surely the real deal.

The K-Mart ad reads "The Rumors Are Reality, New Low Price & A New Exciting PlayStation 3." An item shot lists "Sony PS3, Slim Presell 2, Sold by Kmart, item #018W014436760001, Mfr. Model #PS3" for $299.99. In the kit? According to Engadget: Blu-ray, a 120GB hard drive, a DualShock 3 gamepad, and HDMI support. Release date? August 24, 2009, or next Monday, the first day of the week following Gamescom 2009.

Have a look for yourself: The Sears link

I'd call the Slim's existence, $300 price point, and long rumored reveal at tonight's Sony GDC Europe 2009 conference a virtual slam dunk, wouldn't you?

Question is, does a $100 markdown on a cuter iteration of the PS3 get you off the fence (in droves) or not?

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