GDC: Sony PSP Getting Marvel Comics This November

GDC: Sony PSP Getting Marvel Comics This November

Sony's PSP and Marvel's back catalogue are joining forces this November on a new digital reader, according to a Marvel representative speaking at Sony's press conference in Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Early word out of the show is that hundreds of comics are on the way, though Marvel responded to my Twitter inquiry that they'll be "Classic and Digital First only… No new ones."

Apparently Marvel's saying that while the initial offering is limited to oldies, the service could eventually become their most significant. Still, regarding current titles, in Marvel's own words, it's "Way, way, way too early to even speculate on anything like that."

All that's missing? Truly high-resolution, color eBook readers. The PSP's a lovely little machine, but for serious comics aficionados, cramming panels onto tiny three or four inch screens is nigh sinful. Sony already makes a standalone eBook reader…so how about it Sony? Color with 1-to-1 resolution and millions of colors to help convince us to leave our paper stacks behind?

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