Target Ad 'Confirms' Multiple Xbox 360 Price Drops

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Two blurry photos of a presumed Target sales flier have turned up, purportedly showing the mid-level 60GB Xbox 360 "Pro" for $250 and high-end 120GB Elite for $300. That'd be a drop of $50 and $100, respectively, from current market prices, with the "Pro" adding a promotionally free second controller to the bargain. The drop's been predicted for awhile now, with speculation ramping up behind Sony's $100 PlayStation 3 price cut.

Engadget's carrying the flier shots and concludes the pricing will go into effect on Sunday August 30th. The ad highlights the Pro, while the Elite gets secondary mention in smaller font, which jibes with speculation that the Pro's about to be end-of-life'd. The operative verb in the story is "will," as in "will be cut." Confidence level high then, at least on Engadget's part.

Less mine. Why do the pictures in these "ads" always look so miserable? Because someone's spying with a pinhole camera tucked away in a rolled up newspaper? Maybe. Or they've done some fast and furious photo-manipulation, which always looks better through a glass darkly (or just a piece of junk camera).

Have a look around the ad. Anyone curious how "Target" got the Xbox 360 controllers to balance against each other like that? And how about the missing dollar signs before the 249.99 and 299.99 prices? Look at the sale price in the red circle over the Magnavox television. Yep, dollar signs. May be something, may be nothing, but any time someone can't be bothered to grab a decent resolution shot in an era of point-and-click perfection, fictional threat level high.

Update: @Trixxy writes "Check current Target Ad... lots of missing $ signs"

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