Report: Jobs Overseeing Details of Tablet Project

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Steve Jobs isn't one to let a little thing like a liver transplant slow him down. Some of us would take it easy: catch up on our reading, maybe even take up a therapeutic hobby like painting or music. Not Jobs, though--he's the kind of guy who does best when he throws himself into his work.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Jobs is personally overseeing the details of the continually-rumored Apple tablet device. This is, of course, a bit like the Emperor personally overseeing the construction of the Death Star, except apparently the Emperor only rarely shoots bolts of purple lightning through his fearful underlings. The Journal says that Jobs's concern is focused primarily on the device's marketing and advertising strategy--little surprise, given his penchant for crafting the perfect message for the company's products.

This is hardly the first project to which the CEO has given his undivided attention: the iPhone, for example, merited a similar level of scrutiny from Jobs during its development. Despite working only a few days a week, Jobs is apparently present enough to cause unrest among his employees--the Journal describes the attention as "jarring" for Apple employees who had gotten used to having a little more leeway on their projects during Jobs's absence.

If nothing else, though, Jobs is apparently taking advantage of his lighter work schedule to answer his e-mail, replying to the Journal's Yukari Iwatani Kane request for comment by saying, "much of your information is incorrect." In typical Jobs fashion, he went into no further detail.

With terse missives like that one, we'd suggest Steve take advantage of his newfound spare time to start up a Twitter account.

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