Xbox 360 Price Drop Happening Tomorrow?

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Xbox 360 Price Drop Happening Tomorrow

An analyst just speculated it'll be this week, and now biz site MCV is claiming Microsoft's Xbox 360 will announce new SKUs and reduced prices tomorrow. MCV's source? Well, MCV, it seems. According to the site, "MCV can finally confirm that tomorrow is the day that Microsoft will reveal its new intentions for the Xbox 360." Assuming nothing more happens today, and that the analyst proves accurate, that gives MCV 50/50 odds. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It's almost like betting the sun will come up...or set again.

MCV's claim comes a day after EEDAR analyst Jesse Divinich said Microsoft would drop the Xbox 360 Elite's price from $400 to $300 this week and probably discount the Xbox 360 Pro from $300 to $250 with intent to phase the latter model out.

MCV also speculates that changes are coming to the Arcade model, which is new, though they say nothing on specifics. A price drop? Bundled hard drive? Add-in game(s)? Any of the above would sweeten the entry-level offering, an offering that off the shelf Sony can't compete with directly.

Prospects for an $300 Xbox 360 Elite? I think Divinich is probably right when he says it won't stop the Sony train out of the station, but depending on the final SKU particulars, it may well slow it.

Retail fliers are purportedly circulating from Target, Walmart, and Best Buy suggesting the price drop will happen this Sunday. Divinich concludes Microsoft thus has to make the official announcement yet this week.

Stopwatches ticking for tomorrow.

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