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All around the world, the focus of games has been moving from video games to arcade games and further towar

ds online games. Currently, the online game market is growing steadily with an increasing number of users due to higher provision rates of broadband, enhanced console network functions, diversification of online game genres and an expansion of casual MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

According to Wireless World Forum report, revenue from online game globally was US$7 billion in 2007, which increased 24.7% from a year ago. And in 2008 it increased 29%, and the revenue was US$9 billion.

Among online games worldwide, the traditional MMORPG genre has a long life cycle and is consolidating a large user class, while the diversification of online game genres is expected to lead steady growth. Also, unlike existing offline games, one can actually play against another person online so that the number of users enjoying the beauty of bidirectional communication -- where the formation of various communities is possible -- is rapidly increasing.

Are you ready to join users worldwide who are already enjoying playing online games? Here are some good free online games that you can try for fun. provides various Korean games for free to users worldwide. On this site, one can fully enjoy Ghost X, Groove Party, Remayq, Metin2, Grand Fisher, Twingkle Gunners2, and FF Showdown by simply becoming a member.

Furthermore, it provides introductions and reviews for each game and offers opportunities to win prizes through ongoing event. Come and enjoy for free the multitude of games that have been confirmed as popular worldwide at


The world view of GhostX is based on the modern city. A multi-national military experiment resulted in opening the gate of the Spectral Realm. And from the opened gate, Nanobots appear with other monsters. The game character and the Nanobots fight and destroy the monsters together. Of course, the Nanobots are considered as a monster, but it's a good kind. I took the ideas from cartoons which showed monsters with three eyes. I thought the monsters would be more emphasized if they came out from buildings or subways. (Laugh) The monsters in Ghost X doesn't look like the general monsters that we know about, it looks more like a monster with a modern appearance.

2. METIN 2

Metin2 is an oriental fantasy 3D MMORPG with realistic battles where you can defeat a bunch of monsters with a single sweep, giving you a thrilling sensation. Metin2 also has guild wars and competition between guilds based on the war between the empires, placing it in a class above other games. Metin2 has been exported to a lot of nations, so, you can enjoy the game anywhere and anytime.


A stylish online game with brand-new concept that unites groovy rhythm and dynamic action Not just the acoustic excitement of music, the gorgeousness of dancing will take you to the world of dreamy groove Mixture of diverse kinds of music and stages of top-notch production that were never experienced before are waiting for you!

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