Fox Juices 'Fringe' Re-Runs with Twitter Twist

Fox Reruns to Show Tweets from Cast and Producers in Crawl
Fox is juicing its repeats of the TV series Fringe with a new Twitter twist. The network will introduce this week "tweet-peats" -- an on-screen scroll of Twitter messages from cast and producers that will appear during the episodes.

Fox has come up with a new way to get viewers hooked into watching repeats of two episodes of the TV show Fringe. On Thursday at 9 p.m., the penultimate episode of Fringe will be accompanied by Twitter commentary from two of the show's cast and producers.

During the episode, a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen will provide insight from cast members Josh Jackson and John Noble and producers Jeff Pinker and J.H. Wyman. Dubbed "tweet-peats," the Twitter messages will also be available online and viewers can participate and ask questions.

The "tweet-peat" re-run of Fringe is followed by the pilot of the show Glee, which will also get the insight via Twitter messages from cast members. The Glee pilot, a repeat that previewed in May, is aired on Friday at 9 p.m.

If you want to get involved in Fox's "tweet-peats," all you have to do is follow the show Fringe on Twitter ( and Glee ( The question streams from users will be moderated, so not everybody's tweets will be aired.

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