15 Must-Have Smartphone Apps

From the Twitterverse to the universe, the BlackBerry to the iPhone, here is a list of some the best apps out there for your fancy new phone.

Got a cool smart phone? Here's a list of apps that are just as smart

Converging on Microsoft blogger Mitchell Ashley searched for the ultimate list of apps for his phone. Here are his top picks. For more details on each app, including pricing information and a URL where you can download, visit Mitchell Ashley's blog, My 15 favorite smartphone apps.


How will you keep up with all the tweets from your peeps while you're mobile? TweetDeck. Watch all of your lists; tweets from all friends, favorites, groups you define, Twitter searches, your mentions, and direct messages with this very handy Twitter client app. TweetDeck also tells you how many Twitter API calls are remaining (so you don't get caught without being able to Twitter until they reset). Check out the list of honorable mentions.

Red Laser

Standing in line at the store, wondering if you might get the product you're ready to buy at an online Web site for a much better price? Red Laser shoots a picture of the product barcode up to a cloud service, returning a description of the product along with competitive pricing. Which online company serves competitive pricing information for Red Laser users?

Wall Street Journal

Many of us catch up on news, events and markets using our smartphones and what better way to do that than with the Wall Street Journal Mobile Reader app. Check out the latest articles, market updates, tech news, videos. What other multimedia service can you get from this mobile reader?

Memeo Share

Just as services like Flickr helps you share photos with friends online, Memeo Share shares photos with your own network, or circle, of friends on the iPhone, PC and Mac. Keeping photos locally on each device, Memeo automatically synchronizes full quality photos with everyone you're sharing photos. Memeo lets you establish different circles of friends, sharing the same or different photos with each group.

Guitar Toolkit

If you're a guitar player (or a wanna be guitar player), there's an essential list of gear you always wish you had with you at every gig: a tuner, metronome with tap, and occasionally a chord dictionary. With Guitar Toolkit you can bring all of those things and more with you on your iPhone. What other cool ways does Guitar Toolkit let you strum?

Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy

All of us have gazed at the night sky at one time or another wondering where Mars is located, if that constellation is Aquarius or Capricorn, or how the Big Dipper moves across the night sky over time. Thanks to Pocket Universe, you can have a virtual planetarium of information available at your fingertips. Filled with planet guides, meteor shower schedules, astronomy news, lunar phases and sky reports, Pocket Universe tailors its output based on your GPS location. Guess how PocketUniverse use the iPhone's accelerometer?

Pandora Radio

Pandora has long been considered a top music streaming service. If you already have an account, just log in and you're ready to hear all those tunes you enjoy so much. Setup stations around the artists and music you like, and Pandora will create a stream of songs of a similar style and genre. Which smartphones does Pandora support?

Paper Toss

From the complete time waster category, we have the fun game Paper Toss. We've all pitched some wadded up trash at the waste paper basket attempting to score a three pointer. Paper Toss gives us the virtual equivalent of the office waste basket game, challenging you with short, medium and long ranges. What feature did Paper Toss add to increase the challenge level of the game?


Check movie listings, upcoming movies, theaters, show times and buy tickets with Fandango's Smartphone app. Easily know what's playing and where and avoid those long lines by purchasing your movie tickets ahead of time. Fandango is GPS location-aware, looking up theaters and movies playing near you. What is the one thing missing from the Fandango smartphone app?


A basic but very addictive simulation game that pits your arrow, bomb, water, magic, storm and ice towers against an onslaught of invaders destined to breach your gauntlet and make it into the pearly gates. Employ strategies to increase your gold earnings, research new technologies and upgrade your resources as the army of enemies gets tougher and more resilient. How does TapDefense make money on this free app?

Citrix Receiver

Run Microsoft Word and other desktop apps right from within your iPhone using the Citrix Receiver app connected to the Citrix Cloud Center. Just as Citrix has virtualized desktops onto shared servers, Citrix Receiver brings many of those same capabilities to the smartphone. What other popular productivity apps does Citrix Receiver serve up?

AT&T myWireless Mobile

No need to fret about how many minutes you have left on your AT&T wireless mobile plan. MyWireless Mobile lets you check your minute balance, data usage, next billing date, review past bills and pay your bill right from your iPhone. How can using myWireless be green?

Math Explosion

An intensely fun learning game, Math Explosion pits your math skills up against the clock of a ticking time bomb. Now, that's pressure! Sure to improve your kids' math skills, and maybe yours, Math Explosion proves why learning can be a lot of fun. What kinds of math are covered in Math Explosion's two versions?

Brain Challenge

Time for that couch potato brain of yours to get back in shape with some mental exercise. Brain Challenge helps keep you mentally fit with different types of mental games. Reduce your stress and improve your mental acuity while having some fun at the same time. Brain Challenge tests your logic, math, memory, focus and visual skills. What does Brain Challenge do that will stir nostalgic memories?

Zippo Lighter

While it won't light up your cigar, the Zippo lighter app is essential for those moments when you want to impress your friends with silly but cool apps on your iPhone, or you find yourself in the middle of a rock concert, wanting to hold up your Zippo in a sign of solidarity for a band encore. Flick open the Zippo's lid by flicking your iPhone, pull your finger across the lighter wheel, and enjoy the vibrant flame that appears on your virtual lighter. How can this app help you impress your friends even more?

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