20 Goofy USB Gadgets & Gizmos You'll Love

Dress up your desktop and entertain (or annoy) your co-workers with these wacky USB-powered gadgets, from cubicle stink-busters to toasters that print the morning news on your breakfast.

Desktop Bouncer


Price: £9.99 (roughly US$14.50)

What It Is: A burly—if very tiny—gentleman dressed to the nines and ready to bark warnings whenever unwanted visitors near your computer. A motion sensor in his coat triggers audio, which includes such gems as "You're cruisin' for a bruisin'" and "Come on over 'ere if you think you're hard enough."

Why You Want It: You've always wanted to set up surveillance on the cleaning guy who keeps rearranging the materials on your desk. Just imagine the look on the culprit's face when out of nowhere your bouncer growls "Not today, mate."

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1.5" Mini Digital Photo Frame

1.5" Mini Digital Photo FrameManufacturer: Unity Electronics Inc.

Price: $19.95 plus shipping

What It Is: Windows-compatible mini digital photo frame powered by USB. With a 1.5-inch display, the Unity Mini Digital Photo Frame has 2GB of storage capacity for holding up to 50 images, which can be displayed manually or in slide-show format. It also shows current date and time.

Why You Want It: Polaroids and physical photographs are as outdated as HD-DVD and Betamax. Thanks to Unity's Mini Digital Photo Frame, you can show off all those different images—whatever the size—in one unobtrusive display.

Toilet Speakers


Price: $13 plus shipping for one USB toilet speaker

What It Is: Toilet-tank-inspired mini-speaker for MP3- and digital-media-players, notebook- and desktop-computers, portable gaming systems, handhelds and other products with 3.5mm headset ports.

Why You Want It: Those expensive Bose speakers sure do sound nice, but can you get a set to match your favorite latrine? Harmon Kardons with a moveable toilet seat? No way, no how.

Assorted USB Desk Fans


Price: $12 to $24, plus shipping

What It Is: Fans that plug into computers' USB ports to keep you cool while adding a bit of personality to your desktop.

Why You Want It: It's the summer. It's hot. Whatever your personal tastes or relationship with the tropics, there's a USB-powered fan with your name written all over it.

Banana Charger for Rechargeable Batteries (AA, AAA)


Price: $22 plus shipping for one AA or AAA set (two adjoined bananas)

What It Is: Portable—and delicious-looking—USB-powered charging unit for rechargeable AA or AAA nickel-cadium batteries.

Why You Want It: There's no better way to re-up spent batteries than jamming them into tiny electronic bananas. We guar-an-tee it.

USB Warmer Slippers (Wired/Wireless) and Gloves


Price: USB Warmer Slippers, $29.50 plus shipping; USB Warmer Gloves, $22.50 plus shipping

What It Is: Fuzzy slippers and mittens with removable finger-covers that feature built-in, USB-powered "warmers" for those frosty winter work days. You can even modify the temperature while they're in use.

Why You Want It: Because you'll never finish up those TPS reports with icy fingers and frozen toes-zen.


Manufacturer: Chi Ha Paura

Price: NA

What It Is: A "digital urn" of sorts, Chi Ha Paura's TimeCap necklace and pendant "hold the 'digital' dust of a deceased person whether in the shape of pictures, videos etc."

Why You Want It: USB jewelry is the ultimate in geek chic...and you get to wear an urn around your neck without the um, hassle of the traditional alternative.

USB Scan Toaster

Manufacturer: Sung Bae Chang, a design student at Sejong University in South Korea.

Price: NA

What It Is: This USB-powered toaster that "prints" text and images onto bread or other compatible materials was one of nine finalists out of more than 600 entries from 49 countries in last year's Electrolux Design Lab competition.

Why You Want It: It's a toaster that connects to a computer and prints out news, weather reports and much more onto your breakfast. 'Nuff said.

Drumming Santa, Snowman


Price: $18

What It Is: Funky Santa Claus and/or Snowman that plays five classic Christmas tunes and drums along with the beat. Flashing blue lights add to the festivities.

Why You Want It: Because it's Christmas every day in your office...or at least it should be.

Wrist Band Battery


Price: $35 plus shipping

What It Is: A portable, rechargeable 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery that straps directly to your wrist to help ensure that none of your gadgets ever run out of juice. The unit comes with nine separate connectors, to fit an army of gizmos.

Why You Want It: Because your BlackBerry, iPhone, or other favorite gadget, constantly dies at the most inopportune moments...and because you're always looking for gnarly new wearable gadgetry.

Superhero-Themed Decoration Kits


Price: $15 each plus shipping

What It Is: Spiderman- and Incredible-Hulk-themed party lights powered by USB. Superhero decoration kits also come with matching screen savers. Lights are attached to seven-foot-long cord.

Why You Want It: You sold the comic-book collection and bought a computer...but thanks to the superhero-themed USB decoration kit, you can have the best of both worlds. Lights come with readily-accessible on/off switches and are easily removable in case company—or the boss—stops by unannounced.

Piggy Alarm Clock


Price: $15 plus shipping

What It Is: A glowing, piggy-bank-inspired alarm clock powered by USB. The clock displays current year, month, day and temperature on a multi-color LED. Eight different alarm-tones are available, along with a one-touch snooze button.

Why You Want It: Come on. Who doesn't enjoy waking up to glowing, singing piggy banks?

Sports "Fidget" Games


Price: $14 each plus shipping

What It Is: A basic "video-game" for Windows computers: you roll a ball set into a USB-powered controller to move and manipulate an on-screen ball and rack up points.

Why You Want It: You'll never be caught tapping your fingers at your desk again—USB Sports Fidgets will have you mindfully twiddling all your digits whenever there's a free moment.

Ferris Wheel Phone Stand


Price: $27 plus shipping.

What It Is: A festive stand and incoming-call alert system for mobile phones.

Why You Want It: Because those ringtones, vibrations and other notifications built into your cell or smartphone have never quite done the trick for you. With the USB Ferris Wheel Phone Stand you'll never miss a call again and your phone will have a home with a view.

Aroma Diffuser (Candle Light)


Price: $22 plus shipping

What It Is: Aroma oil "burner," or "diffuser," uses USB power to disperse scent throughout your workspace. Aroma diffuser also simulates candle-light for added relaxation.

Why You Want It: Office safety measures bar candles and incense from your cubicle. But we all know every office has a stinky kid. Here's your chance to clear the air while working by candle-light.

Gift Sets for Men and Women


Price: $29.50

What It Is: The perfect gift for the USB-nut who has everything, Brando's USB Gift Sets are available in both male- and female-specific versions, with USB-powered fans, mini-vacuums, and compact mirrors for the ladies and cup-warmers, desk lamps, mood-lamp pen-holders and more for the guys.

Why You Want It: The USB Gift Sets are a treasure-trove of USB-powered goodies, and they're a cheap way to obtain multiple USB gadgets and gizmos.

Wireless Missile Launcher


Price: $45.00 plus shipping. Three-packs of replacement "missiles" sell for $3.

What It Is: Not to be confused with the wired USB Missile Launcher, this wireless version lets users employ a remote control to remotely launch projectiles. Missiles fly up to 10 feet from the unit. Pre-recorded audio simulates the devastation.

Why You Want It: Because everybody has at least one office mate that deserves to be the target of a missile strike.

Disco Ball


Price: $22.00 plus shipping

What It Is: Mini, USB-powered disco ball with three separate tri-colored LEDs that reflect off tiny embedded mirrors to turn any cubicle into your own personal disco circa 1976.

Why You Want It: Because you've got a bad case of Cubicle Fever. And you've always wanted an excuse to wear a sequined-tracksuit to work.

Beverage Cup Cooler/Warmer


Price: $22

What It Is: USB-powered heating and cooling plate meant to warm up or chill a beverage while you work. Product reportedly decreases room-temperature beverage by as much as 7 degrees Celsius and increases drink temperature by as much as 13 degrees in 10 minutes.

Why You Want It: Cold coffee and warm Dr. Pepper just won't cut it anymore.

Fuzzy Lil' Animal Mice

Distributors: USBGeek.comand

Price: USB Wireless Penguin Mouse, $20 plus shipping; USB Optical Liquid Duck Mouse, $18 plus shipping

What It Is: Novelty mice shaped to look like your favorite little animals, including penguins, ducks and frogs. Available in wired USB and wireless USB models.

Why You Want It: That current mouse is just boring. Make way for ducklings.

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