Sprint Launches $70 Unlimited Mobile Calling Plan

Sprint's new $69.99 unlimited "mobile-to-mobile" wireless plan could start a wave of price cutting if AT&T and Verizon feel the need to respond. The plan, being announced today, knocks roughly a third off Sprint's current pricing.

Called "Any Mobile, Anytime" the unlimited service will include voice, data, text, e-mail, GPS navigation, and sending videos and images from one mobile phone to another. Perhaps, Sprint should have called its plan "The Works."

Couple this pricing with a $99 Palm Pre handset and potential customers may find it easier to choose the Sprint/Palm combo over AT&T and Apple's more expensive alternative.

If that happens, it might prompt a pricing response from AT&T. And if that happens, Verizon might be likely to follow suit. Expect weeks to months of "wait and see" from both competitors, however. Competition is heating up as carriers battle for revenue.

Sprint said customers on its Everything Data and Everything Data Family plans will automatically be migrated to the lower-cost mobile plan on the first day of their next billing cycle. The new plan replaces the former "Simply Everything" plan, priced at $99.99-a-month.

David Coursey tweets as @techinciter.

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